There are no formal entry requirements, however applicants under the age of 18 require the consent from a parent or guardian. Applicants also need to have, or be able to attain, a level of literacy and numeracy that will help to complete the course/s.

Pre-engagement deposit

The Academy requires a deposit of $500 prior to commencement of any course.  The deposit will ensure a secure place for commencement of training, and allows the student to have a guaranteed opportunity to complete training and assessment once the student has commenced study in their chosen course.

Following the commencement of a course, additional fees will be required but will not exceed $1,500 in advance payments at any one time for tuition or services yet to be delivered. Balance of fees can be paid in weekly instalments to the level of training reached.  Students have the opportunity to discuss payment arrangements with the Academy Principal. Should students have difficulty with instalments, a personalised payment plan can be negotiated.

All fees are due and payable no later than the completion date of any chosen course of training.  Any outstanding fees beyond completion date will attract a further $50 charge for every week overdue.

Additional charges

Upon receipt of deposit, students will receive their learning resources, instructions and all materials relevant to the training by email.  Should students require a non-colour paper copy of the learning resources; a charge of $13 per subject will apply plus postage (where applicable) per Australia Post charges. Colour copies will be charged at 75 cents per side.

Issuance of replacement Certificate will incur a $20 fee per Qualification or Statement of Attainment plus postage (where applicable) per Australia Post charges.

Posting of written assessments or assignments in hard copy form will also incur a postal charge.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Rejuvi Nails & Beauty Training Academy (Aust) Pty Ltd has a fair and equitable refund policy and procedure. Fees paid by students who withdraw midstream and have completed 50% or less of their training, will be forfeited but only relative to the level of training they have received.

Where a student withdraws from a course after the course has commenced, a refund will not be given for the deposit paid. Any monies paid in advance will also be forfeited up to the level of training received.  In such, cases a student will also incur a $100 cancellation fee. 

Where a student cancels from a course shortly after commencement for any reason, the deposit paid by the student will be forfeited.  Where the student withdraws from the course after commencement and is able to satisfy the Principal of the existence of genuine extenuating circumstances, a maximum of $500 can be refunded to the student.

A student must submit a written refund application in order to allow the Accounts Office to process the refund. Where the Academy does not receive a written request within 3 months of receiving the student’s course withdrawal form, any fees that may have been refunded will be forfeited.

Where Rejuvi Nails & Beauty Training Academy (Aust) Pty Ltd accepts a student enrolment, receives a deposit, and subsequently is unable to offer the course, the deposit refund will be processed within two weeks.

Agreeing to the Refund policy, does not remove the right of the student to take further action under Australia’s consumer protection laws or to pursue other legal remedies.

In providing a refund, Rejuvi Nails & Beauty Training Academy (Aust) Pty Ltd will also provide the student with a written statement of how the refund was calculated.

Where Rejuvi Nails & Beauty Training Academy (Aust) Pty Ltd cancels a course, the student will be entitled to a full or pro rata refund of fees or a credit against a future course.  The non-refundable cancellation fee of $500.00 will not apply in such cases.

Credit Transfer

Rejuvi Nails & Beauty Training Academy (Aust) Pty Ltd recognises AQF Qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued by other RTO’s and, will credit transfer your results. The has been the national system of qualifications encompassing all post compulsory education in Australia since 1995.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Our Academy ensures that RPL shall be available to all potential applicants.  The processes shall be fair to all parties and includes the provision of support to potential applicants.

Recognition of Informal Learning and Recognition of Current Competencies refers to recognition of competencies currently held, regardless of how, when or where the learning occurred.

Under AQTF, competencies may be attached in a number of ways- including formal or informal training, education, work education or general life experience. In order to grant RPL, the assessor must be confident that the candidate is currently competent against the endorsed industry or enterprise competency standards or outcomes specified in AQF accredited courses.

The evidence may take a variety of forms and may include certification, references from past employers, testimonials from clients and work samples. The assessor must endorse that the evidence is authentic, valid, reliable, current and sufficient and, covers the exemption being sought.

Where a student believes that they qualify for the RPL process, they are encouraged to contact our Principal to arrange for an appointment and complete an application. Students will not be charged fees for current Qualifications or Statements of Attainment that are recognised as current competencies. However, other RPL fees may apply and are based on the individual circumstance for each applicant.

Assessments and theory components

Practical subjects are conducted in our salon simulated environment with real case situations on clients.  Students are assessed on their progress.  Other practical assignments must be completed outside of the salon environment and evidence brought to the Academy for assessment.  The Academy provides kits for students to use for their practical assignments being completed outside of the salon environment.

The theory components of this course must be completed before the practical elements of the course can be commenced.


It is a requirement, a responsibility and a condition of commencing this course that students provide their own models for ALL practical lessons. Students must supply a list of contact names and numbers of all models that have been engaged to attend and assist you in your learning during the practical contact class hours.

Students are trained in marketing and using strategies to attract clientele.

Models are required to attend class with students and remain for the duration of the lesson and strictly no children or guests will be allowed to attend student classes or assessments.

Students will be advised clearly when models are required at enrolment and when their timetables are issued prior to commencement.

Students can continue using these models for extra practice on non-class days to gain further practice and experience in all areas of their training. Having access to a ready source of models is a good way for students to start creating a future client base for themselves.

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